Shoulder Plate Loaded Manufacturer In India

The Shoulder Press Plate Loaded at Syndicate Gym Industries, is an advanced strength training station featuring ‘Dual Axis Technology’. The Uni-Lateral, Converging Arc working arms, follow a natural path of human movement and due to the independence of each arm, the user will achieve more balanced results.

Separate weight horns engage independent diverging and converging motions for equal strength development and muscle stimulation variety. The Shoulder Press movement replicates the overhead press in the frontal plane and is ideal to build muscles on the deltoids, triceps and upper trapezius.

This Shoulder Plate Loaded consists of many features like

  • Allows you to focus fully on contracting delts
  • Converging arms for maximum delt isolation
  • Built in plate storage
  • Angled handles for neutral grip

Adjustable to take all the sizes of the user, the Shoulder Press is the perfect machine for building serious delts. As with all our machines, this is designed to handle years of abuse in the busiest gyms.

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