Dumbbells and Olympic Barbells





Pu Red Rubber Coated Dumbbell

Made from solid cast iron new design and encased in virgin rubber (urethane), this dumbbell is stylish as it is durable for commercial use like in gyms ,fitness centres. Sizes available 2.5 kg to 60 kg




Adjustable Dumbbells

5 to 52 Lbs and 10 to 90 Lbs Adjustable  Dumbbell – Imported Adjustable Dumbbells, Adjustable Dumbbells Manufacturer in India



Alloy Type Dumbbell

P.U Alloy Type rubber coated Dumbbells manufacturer in India, The top best dumbbells brands and best manufacturers of dumbbells in India. 30 mm thickness rods. Sizes available 2.5 kg to 60 kg




Revolving Dumbbells

50 MM revolving grip with twin roller bearing. Rubber coated and Solid Steel Revolving Dumbbells Manufacturer under Laser and CNC machine. Sizes available 2.5 kg to 60 kg



Custom Revolving Dumbbells

Custom Revolving Dumbbells Available in Different Colors and Logos Compact with Ultimate control Dumbbells. The best Dumbbells manufacturer in India. Sizes available 2.5 kg to 60 kg



Captain America Dumbbells

Syndicate Supply Captian America Style Dumbbells in India with different colors. Sizes available 2.5 kg to 60 kg, Best quality Rubber coated with customised Captain America



Star Type Rubber Coated Dumbbell

Star Type Dumbbells Maunufacturer in India, We manufacture best quality P.U. Rubber coated customised Dumbbells with color option. Sizes available 2.5 kg to 60 kg



Rubber coated Octa Shape

Octa Shaped dumbbell heads are designed to prevent rolling. These dumbbells are cast iron and coated in a Black rubber coated . Sizes available 2.5 kg to 60 kg




Tri-angle Cup Shape Rubber Coated Dumbbells

Customised Triangle Cup Type Dumbbells Maufacturer and Supplier in India. Commercial Gym Quality Dumbbells at Lowest Price in India. Sizes available 2.5 kg to 60 kg




Plate type Rubber coated Dummbells

Attractive Rubber Coated Plate type Dumbbells. Qulaity Superior construction locks heads in place on central contoured handle. Sizes available 2.5 kg to 60 kg




Hammertone Mild Steel Plate Type Dumbbells

Solid Steel Powder coated hammertone dumbbells welded with solid steel handle.Commercial use with custom made sizes are available 2.5 kg to 60 kg .



Black powder coated plate dumbbells

Solid Steel Black Powder coated hammertone dumbbells welded with solid steel straight or v type grip .custom made sizes are available 2.5 kg to 60 kg



Steel Chromed plate type Dumbbells

Solid Steel chrome dumbbells welded with solid steel straight or v type rubber coated grip .custom made sizes are available 2.5 kg to 60 kg




Fixed weight Barbells with rubber coated

Fixed weight barbells found in gyms, these are usually fairly shortbars like 5 feet , 4feet and 4 feet curl bar with weights already attached and welded to the bar.



Fixed weight Barbells with Mild steel plate type

Fixed weight barbells in Mild Steel with hammer tone powder coated paint found in gyms, these are usually fairly short bars like 5 feet , 4feet and 4 feet curl bar with weights already attached and welded to the bar.




Hex dumbbell

Chrome Hexagonal Rubber coated Dumbbells. custom made sizes are available 2.5 kg to 60 kg




Steel chromed Dumbbell

Custom made sizes are available 2.5 kg to 60 kg




Neoprene Coated Dumbbell

Different colours beauty ladies Neoprene Coated Dumbbell dumbbell




11 Pairs dumbbell Rack Tree Type





kettlebells dumbbells

Qulaity Manufacturer and supplier of solid kettlebells dumbbells



Tree  6 Dumbbell Rack




Crossfit Sled

Indian Sled, Sled Manufacturer in India, Crossfit Sled, One of the best top quality Sled Manufacturer as well as Custom Sled used in Gyms



Rogue is America”s leading manufacturer of high quality weight lifting barbells, Cerakote Barbells- The Ohio Bar – Custom – Stainless Steel- Freedom Bar – Bella 2.0 – 32 mm Squat Bar – Athlete Cerakote Bella Bar – Athlete Cerakote Ohio Bar – Available in Stock




Olympic Bars – Barbells Syndicate

Our Olympic Bars include high quality precision bearings 30 mm Double Bearing for perfectly smooth bar rotation that will not chip or flake.
These Syndicate Olympic bars are manufactured using the latest techniques and with high quality spring steel. These bars undergo stringent quality control and testing.
Olympic Bars are an essential part of any free weight environment. All of our Olympic Bars are extremely hard wearing premium commercial quality..
At Syndicate Gym Industries we have a wide range of Olympic Bars that are perfect for those of you involved in Weightlifting. If Olympic lifting is your sport then it is very important that you select the correct bar. A 30mm diameter bushing bar may be good for squatting but when it comes to performing Snatch, Cleans, Jerks and all the variations of these lifts then a good 28mm Bearing Bar is what you need. It also helps if it has a good spring and has good drop testing tolerances. Below are some good examples of the kinds of bars that are perfect for Olympic Weightlifting.




Imported Olympic Barbells – Coloured Barbells

Imported Cerakote Colored Barbells with 30 mm bar and Dual knurling. Using Top Quality CNC Automation to manufacture the best Quality Barbells with best prices. 7 Cerakote Color Options available in Barbells.




Gym Accessories – Gym Cable Attatchments

Best Quality Gym Accessories – Gym Cable Attatchments Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We have a wide Range of Gym Accessories

1 . Biceps curl Handle
2. Rowing Handle
3. D type Handle
4. Lat pull V grip
5. Triceps Rope
6. Lat Bar
7. Cabel cross handle
8. Triceps Handle
9. Triceps v type
10.Trap Deadlift Bar


Safety Squat Bar

Best Quality Safety squat bar manufacturer in India for Front Squats
Tempered and Unbreakable Rod


Trap Bar

Hex Trap BAr Manufacturer in India for Heavy Deadlifts
Trap bar/ Deadlift Bar








T-Bar Holder

T-Bar Holder Manufacturer in India for T-Bar Rowing Excercise
T-Bar Rowing Excercise for Back Workout





Arm Blaster

Arm Blaster Manufacturer in India for Isolated Bicep Curl




Fat Grips

Best Quality Fat Grips manufacturer in India.
Fat Grips for better Grip in gym while workout



Rotating Push Up Stand Watson

Best Quality Rotating Push Up Stand Watson manufacturer in India.
Push Up stand with better grip for push up




Mag Handles

Best Quality Mag Handles manufacturer and Avaliable in India.
8 Sets of Handles sets – cable attachment avaliable in India now



Olympic Bar Collar

This Olympic Bar Collar fits for 2 inches – 50mm Olympic standard size.
Quick release, not easy to slide.
Perfect for workouts, Olympic lifts, overhead press, deadlifts, bench press, or any other workout using 2 inches Olympic Barbell
Material: reinforced plastic. ABS
Very quick and easy to use

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