Rowing Plate Loaded Manufacturer In India

Rowing Plate Loaded is a full commercial line of robust, high quality plate loaded units designed to withstand the rigorous demands of serious training. Compactness, variety and superior results are combined in this premium rowing machine at Syndicate Gym Industries.

A low profile design, multiple grips and sturdy structure guarantees an ergonomic yet powerful workout. Features of Rowing Plate Loaded in India includes

  • Compact, low-professional design
  • Multiple grips allow different options for exercise variety
  • Additional handle provided to allow user stabilization during one-arm exercise

Row offers the freedom and pure feel of free weights within a safe environment. It’s built to the highest standards in biomechanics, ergonomics and safety to activate the latissimus dorsi, biceps, trapezius, and posterior deltoids muscles.

We, Syndicate Gym Industries, Rowing Plate Loaded Manufacturer In India, are a well-known name in the field of Gym Equipments in India and you can contact us anytime for any kind of Fitness Machine in India.

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