Functional Trainer 360 Degree in India

The 360 Degree Functional Trainer is a completely innovative home gym that maximizes space by combining the dual action with functional trainer with a walk-through design to deliver a sleek and efficient gym unlike any other.

On one side of the Functional Trainer 360 degree features revolutionary patented technology that produces a simultaneous horizontal and vertical bar movement, providing the benefits of free weight training with added safety and stability. Walk through to the other side of the machine, and it features dual silent steel, weight stacks with 360 degree rotating columns for completely free range of motion.

At Syndicate Gym Industries, we manufacture 360 degree Functional Trainer and supply to different parts of India. Being a well-known Functional Trainer Manufacturer In India, Syndicate Gym Industries has a big name in the field of Gym Equipments in India. Some of the features of the 360 degree Functional Trainer include

  • Dual weight stack design allows users to train or rehabilitate using different resistance levels or two users to train at same time
  • Multiple-grip chin bar
  • Patent-pending dual adjustment columns rotate 360 degrees to allow unrestricted movement in multiple planes

You can order your functional trainer at Syndicate Gym Industries by just contacting us at: +91-9316970498 or +91-9803473908

Or you can mail us at:

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