Pro-Style Dumbbell at Syndicate Gym Industries, are available in either rubber or in high-grade cold cast Urethane. Truly speaking, Pro-Style Dumbbells are the type with a bunch of standard plates bolted onto the ends. The heads are solid machined steel with chambered edges and are welded to the handles for a permanent bond.

Syndicate Gym Industry is the India’s Largest Gym Equipments Manufacturing Company, offer wide variety of products such as PU Red Rubber Coated Dumbbell, Adjustable Lock Dumbbell, Rubber Coated Octa Shape etc. and Pro-Style Dumbbell is one of them handles feature that are drop forged from one piece of steel. The inside collars will never loosen or spin.

Pro- Style Dumbbell available at Syndicate Gym Industry has extra long bolts with fine rubber coated. The sizes available of Pro- Style Dumbbell vary from 2.5kg to 60 kg. If you also find need of any gym equipments available at Syndicate Gym Industries in India then you can contact us at anytime.

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