Rubber coated Octa Shape Dumbbells Manufacturer in India

Rubber Coated Octa Shape Dumbbells at Syndicate Gym Industries is one of the best Gym Equipment in India. These dumbbells are of cast iron and coated in a black rubber. Octa Shaped Dumbbell heads are designed to prevent rolling. Rubber Coated Octa Shaped Dumbbells are available in different sizes. Its word class technology and integrated process ensures optimum utilization of equipment with minimum cost.

Syndicate Gym Industries is the best supplier and manufacturer of premium grade assortment of Rubber Coated Octa Dumbbell in India. Our offered Gym Equipments are manufactured in high-end production facility. Rubber Coated Octa Shape Dumbbell is available in sizes of 2.5kg to 60 kg. The dumbbells manufactured at Syndicate Gym Industries in India are of high quality at least prices so that every person should be able to enjoy our best services in India.

If you also find any requirement of Gym Equipments in India then you can contact us at any time. We assure you that our products will definitely prove very much helpful to you.

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