Adjustable lock Dumbbell at Syndicate gym Industry in India is designed to help you move from one exercise to the next, without wasting the “in-between” times on your sets. Traditionally, you need many sets of dumbbells per workout, which takes up a lot of space. While this is fine in a commercial gym industry that takes very less space and is light in weight.


At Syndicate Gym Industry Adjustable Lock dumbbells will work for a beginner or advanced user and come with a wide variety of weight options which makes them more flexible than other dumbbell options that have a maximum capacity that you cannot expand with as you get stronger and need more weight.


As we all know that Syndicate Gym Industry is India’s Largest Gym Industry manufacturing and supplying gym Equipments which are totally unique and different from others. All the Equipments manufactured are of competitive high quality at very affordable prices.


If you are also searching for unique gym equipments to build up your body then you can contact us anytime.


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