Gym Equipment Suppliers in Delhi

Gym Equipment Suppliers in Delhi

If you are looking for gym equipment and fitness machinery, Syndicate Gym is the right place. we are dealing with manufacture and supply of sophisticated exercise bikes, bench press, squat station, pull up bars, leg extension machine, foam roller, multi gym etc. all types of exercise equipment are available with us at competitive pricing.

If you are health conscious and looking to buy gym equipment, contact us and buy exercise machines online. We are one of the best gym equipment suppliers in Delhi offering a variety of one purpose and multi-purpose fitness products. We not only supply gym machinery but also provide gym accessories to increase comfort during the exercise sessions. Handling and transporting this equipment is extremely safe and convenient.

Gym Set-up and Gym Exercise Machines in Delhi

Syndicate gym brings a vast range of modern gym equipment machines. The equipment is known for higher efficiency, longer durability, and sturdy construction. The equipment is designed to be light in weight for convenience of moving and installing. The products are fabricated using the latest engineering standards and advanced technology. The top quality galvanised steel and other materials are used in the manufacture. Home gym owners can install these machines in minimum space without any stress.

The qualities of the equipment we offer are well at par with the international standards. Our range of exercise machinery includes functional trainer machines, weight plates, rods, free weights, single squat stations, and multi-gyms. Apart from supplying machines in units, we also provide a complete gym set up for commercial gyms and fitness clubs.

Fitness and Strength Equipment for Home Gym

With the growing awareness of health and fitness, the demand for fitness products is high in Delhi. Our product range contains equipment for increasing muscle strength and shedding off extra fat. The products are designed by highly experienced fitness experts to give the best user experience. Here are the most popular and common gym exercise equipment.

Top fitness equipment for home gym-

  1. Punching bag
  2. Rowing machine
  3. Air bike
  4. Elliptical machine
  5. Dumbbells
  6. Treadmills
  7. Weight lifting bench
  8. Medicine balls

Apart from these products, we offer exercise mats, foam rollers, pull up bars, etc. All our products have in-built adjustable features that allow more than one person to use the product.

Our products give an excellent workout to people of different age. Our fitness consultants have complete knowledge of the features and benefits of the products. If you are looking to buy gym equipment for your home, call us to get affordable products.

We are able to fulfil the requirements of the home gym as well as professional fitness centres and gyms. We supply products in a single unit, in multiple units, as well in bulk. With top quality products and packaging, we ensure that our customers get the right products in the right form. Gym equipment is designed to give excellent performance for a long time. Hence, if you are planning to look after your health and workout, buying equipment is the best option. Exercise machines at home save you from hassles of maintaining your gym schedules.

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