Shrug Plate Loaded Manufacturer in India

Fitness enthusiasts looking for an effective and efficient plate loaded machine would never regret their decision by choosing the Shrug Plate Loaded/Deadlift. This dual purpose machine is one of the best and well-developed plate loaded models at Syndicate Gym Industries. This is a strength and plate loaded equipment that could assist in bridging the gap between selectorized and free weight fitness equipment successfully.

Features of the Shrug Plate Loaded at Syndicate Gym Industries include

  • Independent lever arms
  • Adjustable grip position provides optimal range of motion for different exercises.
  • Standard weight storage horns eliminate need for separate weight trees.

Also known as Deadlift Plate Loaded, it allows you to centre the weight so you stay more upright with less forward lean and greatly reduces the stress on your lower back. The lower handles are great for regular style deadlift while the upper handles can be used either for partial deadlifts or for shrugs.

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