Gym Equipment Shop in Delhi

Gym Equipment Shop in Delhi

Syndicate Gym is a dynamic shop for sports equipment and fitness gym equipment in Delhi. Based in Jalandhar, we are supplying products at our store as well online. Getting your stuff at your doorsteps is one of the best conveniences modern age offers. It is difficult to get advanced gym products everywhere in Delhi. Many places do not have gyms and gym equipment shops. Syndicate Gym helps you by delivering your desired tool within a short time.

Our online store offers a variety of equipment like a dumbbell, barbell, gym plates, elliptical, treadmill, CrossFit, exercise bike and other fitness tools. We also provide punching bags, vibrators, squat station, massagers, and strength equipment. Apart from individuals, we also fulfil exercise equipment requirements of professional fitness clubs, health centres, and gyms. We also have specialized cardio fitness and stretch exercise machines.

Fitness Equipment Store for Homes and Gym

If you are planning to buy exercise machines, visit our gym equipment shop in Delhi. Syndicate Gym offers online gym equipment and fitness cum sports products. We store basic equipment like ball and vibrator as well as complete fitness kit.

The fitness products are designed to give perfect workout the body. Various categories are available to improve muscle strength and to improve the cardio system. The advanced engineering of the products allows one to exercise without causing any harmful stress for the joints. The structure of the equipment is wisely approved by fitness experts to give a healthy workout.

Types of Gym Equipment

Gym equipment falls in various categories like basic floor equipment and strength equipment. At Syndicate Gym, you can browse through the product categories and select the desired product. Though there is countless equipment, here are the most common types of gym equipment in our shop.

  1. Basic Floor Equipment

Basic floor equipment helps in promoting your overall health. These machines are most suitable for daily workouts and great for flexibility of muscles and spine. Treadmills, workouts, and inclines are also basic work out equipment.

  1. Elliptical Machines

Elliptical machines offer a good amount of workouts for the whole body. They are best if you want to tone up your muscles with complete safety for your joints. These pedalled machines give good support to all types of shoes. The handles or grips for the shoes or feet prevent chances of injuries.

  1. Exercise Bike

A stationary exercise bike comprises of soft seats, straps, footrests, flexible arms, and a wheel. The bike is a piece of excellent indoor gym equipment for cardio workouts.

  1. Strength Equipment

Apart from bikes and elliptical, we also provide a variety of gym exercise equipment like bench press station, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull up bars, ankle weights, plyo boxes, punching bags etc.

All products from our gym equipment shop carry safety features and features for convenient use. Customers can find all types of simple and multi-purpose gym equipment in our shop. Buy fitness equipment online right at your home with guaranteed quality. Our website offers an excellent platform with secure payment terms and faster shipping. The products are manufactured with advanced engineering and safety standards for the best experience and results.

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