Preacher Curl Bench Manufacturer in India

When it comes to isolating the biceps for maximum concentration and development, nothing beats the Preacher Curl Bench. Preacher Curls are essential for building overall biceps mass including the often difficult lower biceps.

At Syndicate Gym Industries, the Preacher Curl Bench is set to a perfect 30 degree angle, positioning the upper arm for maximum stretch and full range of motion while eliminating stress on your elbows and lower back. You can choose from a range of home and commercial preacher curl benches.

Great for isolating different muscles, a preacher curl bench is always a popular item in busy gyms as you cannot chest with it; only the intended muscles can be used to lift the weight. We, at Syndicate Gym Industries, manufacture a wide variety of preacher curl benches to suit a variety of gyms. Its features include

  • Angled, ratcheting seat for proper body positioning
  • Durable extruded guards for frame and bar protection

Syndicate Gym Industries, being the Best Preacher Curl Bench Manufacturer in India, can give you the Best Gym Equipments in India and that too, at the best prices. You can contact us anytime for any kind of Gym Machines in India. Call at: +91-9316970498 or +91-9803473908

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