3D Smith Machine Manufacturer in India

If you are looking to make a transition from machines to free weight training, the 3D Smith Machine is a safe and effective tool to use. An evolution of the standard Smith Machine, the 3D Smith Machine at Syndicate Gym Industries allows the bar to move in all planes, while still providing the safety features found on a standard Smith Machine.

Due to its linear bearing 3D System, this machine is able to perform up, down, backward and forward motion to suit you and your workout. This is a perfect Smith Machine combining power and aesthetics with great emphasis on ultra-smooth operation.

Syndicate Gym Industries is a well-known 3D Smith Machine Manufacturer in India as our 3D Smith Machine is compatible with Olympic Weight Plates. Exercises that can be performed on the 3D Smith Machine also include barbell lunges and power cleans. This also increases the functionality of the 3D Smith Machine while still retaining the spotter catchers for added safety.

You can contact us anytime for the 3D Smith Machine in India. Call at: +91-9316970498 or +91-9803473908

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