Multi-Press Machine Manufacturer In India

Now, you have the leverage to safely and efficiently build your chest and arms with the Multi-Press at Syndicate Gym Industries. Continuous welded, factory assembled connections on the weight and station frame provide extra stability along with durability that extends the life of the station.

At Syndicate Gym Industries, our multi-press is a triple-function machine that allows exercisers to choose the chest and shoulder muscles they want to workout. The clean and inviting look of the Multi-Press Machine is appealing to all the exercisers over the world. This Multi-Press Machine comes up with many features such as

  • Adjustable seat accommodates varying user heights
  • Adjustable Press arm keeps the exerciser in a positive vertical position for all exercisers

As a 3-in-1 exercise machine, Syndicate’s Multi-Press offers a great space-saving solution and with its distinctive setup can be perfectly placed in the corner of the fitness suite. Using only the finest components, the Multi-Press provides a fluid movement that makes working out a real pleasure whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a novice.

We are The Best Multi-Press Machine Manufacturer In India and you can avail your Multi-Press Machine from us anytime by just contacting us at: +91-9316970498 or +91-9803473908

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