Chinning and Dipping Machine Manufacturer in India

We, Syndicate Gym Industries, are the manufacturer and exporter of Chinning and Dipping Machine that provides pull-ups, chin-ups and dips. You can effectively and efficiently build muscles of your arms, shoulders and back by these chinning and dipping machines at Syndicate Gym Industries.

The weight assisted chin and dip is a relatively modern piece of strength equipment and is designed to counter balance the user’s weight when performing pull ups or dips; and works as an aid for those users who struggle to lift their own bodyweight.

With the chin and dip having an adjustable weight stack users can change the amount of resistance and progress until they can complete the exercise unassisted. The chinning and dipping machine at Syndicate Gym Industries come with different features such as

  • Full length knee pad
  • Sweat resistant neoprene covered dip bars
  • Fully commercial weight assisted chin-dip
  • Colour coded weight stack

We manufacture and supply Chinning and Dipping Machines to different parts of the country, which has made us the Best Chinning and Dipping Machine Manufacturer in India. You can call us anytime for any kind of gym equipments in India at: +91-9316970498 or +91-9803473908

Or you can mail us at:

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