Iso Lateral Wide Chest Press Manufacturer in India

The Iso-Lateral wide chest exercise machine involves different types of motions to work users’ pectoralis major, triceps brachii, and deltoid muscles. You can utilize the Iso-Lateral motion of the full commercial iso-lateral wide chest press to enable equal strength development.

Also, this machine features a higher degree of converging motion than the decline press, with a start position that is wider, making it more applicable for larger users. The Iso-lateral Wide Chest Press is a pectoral machine that supports and allows a wide grip or a wide chest press exercise, wherein users can adjust their seat so that they can press the grips or the handles straight.

At Syndicate Gym Industries, as a specialized Iso-Lateral Wide Chest Press Manufacturer and Supplier In India, we also provide iso-lateral shoulder press, incline press hammer, incline plate loaded, rowing plate loaded and more.

Just like other machines at Syndicate Gym Industries, the Iso-Lateral Wide Chest Press Machine is also equipped with the Iso-Lateral technology that helps users develop equal muscle strength. The counterbalanced system allows for very light starting weights that are perfect for rehabilitation, aging, adults and beginners.

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