Incline Press Hammer Manufacturer in India

Some of the features of Incline Press hammer at Syndicate Gym Industries include

  • Stainless steel plate holders
  • Heavy duty tubing construction
  • Adjustable handle designed to provide the best workout
  • Adjustable cushion easing the exercise for people with different height
  • High density upholstery
  • Head pad designed to enhance the comfort of movement
  • Schematic design guidelines to better use the product

At Syndicate Gym Industries, the Incline Press Hammer’s back seat is angled to provide effortless entry and exit for all users. The overhead pivot provides a natural arc of shoulder motion. Its iso-lateral motion allows for equal strength development and provides great variety of muscle stimulation.

We are a well-known Incline Press Hammer Manufacturer in India and manufacture the Best Gym Equipments in India for a wide range of customers. You can order your Incline Press Hammer at Syndicate Gym Industries anytime and we can deliver it to you within no time. Call at: +91-9316970498 or +91-9803473908

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