Olympic Bars Manufacturer In India

Finding Olympic Bars Manufacturer In India?

At Syndicate Gym Manufacturer, we, not only specialize in manufacturing and supplying gym equipments according to our need, but also provide all kind of sports equipments, including Olympic Bars. Fitted with 28mm or 30mm middle grip, these Olympic bars straight or carved offer very easy grip to the users. We are always highly praised for the superb performance of our straight and carved Olympic bars at Syndicate Gym Manufacturer and are hence, known as the one of the Best Olympic Bars Manufacturer In India.



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Built for your everyday Olympic and general weightlifting needs, the 15 kg Olympic Bars is a great option for lifters every skill level. Some of the Olympic bars resemble the 15 kg gold but features needle bearings. there are also ideal women’s bar for Olympic style workouts or general workouts. We manufacture, both straight as well as carved Olympic bars from premium grade solid iron rods.

The 15 kg Bronze Olympic Barbell is similar to our Women’s 15 kg Bronze, but has slightly shorter length and single snap ring sleeve attachment, with the option of bright or black zinc coating, which you can opt for again.

Want to save Money on purchase of Olympic Bars?

You can really save quite a lot of money by finding affordable dumbbells and Olympic Bars, without compromising on the quality, which would help in finding yourself on a much better side where it would provide 100% satisfaction from the quality of products that you can get.

If you are searching for No.1 company which is engaged in Manufacturing Olympic Bars in India then Syndicate Gym Manufacturer is the most accurate place where you can get the best Olympic bars of your choice and at least prices.






Syndicate Gym Manufacturer is the topmost Manufacturer and Supplier of Olympic Bars in India, engaged in providing well equipped  and highly qualitative Olympic Bars in India. We are leading Manufacturer and Supplier of wide range of qualitative Olympic Bars in India among all manufacturers.

Because of complete awareness regarding the requirements of fitness and health fields has also helped us in designing and manufacturing equipments as per the exact requirements of health trainers. Further, our consistency in delivering qualitative Olympic Bars in India at competitive (Reasonable) prices is also helping us in our goal of contributing towards building a fitter and healthier world.

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