Hack and Squat Combo in India

Strong powerful legs are the basis of a strong body. Performing Leg Press and Hack Squat exercises not only make you look great, but also help boost testosterone production for bigger and faster gains from your upper body workouts as well. Power Hack/Squat Combo, with uniquely robust design at Syndicate Gym Industries, for accurate serious heavy duty training, is useful for targeting the quads and glutes.

Some of the beneficial features of Power Hack/Squat Combo at Syndicate Gym Industries include

  • Carriage travels on linear bearing for friction free & smooth performance
  • Big non-skid high quality rubber foot platform for trouble free workout
  • Unique robust design for serious heavy duty training
  • Fully adjustable starting position
  • Optional storage spigots

If you’re looking for a variety and saving on floorspace, this piece at The Best Power Hack/Squat Combo Manufacturer In idnia, Syndicate Gym Industries, is the answer. The Power Hack and Squat Combo engages your abdominals for a strong core and ‘ripped’ appearance.

No matter what your age is, these exercises will always help protect your joints from damage during sports and everyday activity. You can also bring this Combo at your home by contacting us at: +91-9316970498 or +91-9803473908

Or you can mail us at: info@gymmanufacturer.com




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