Gym Setup Cost in India

Gym Setup Cost in India

If you are a fitness expert and trainer, opening a gym is one of the best options. There is nothing like making money by following your passion. Likewise every other business, setting up a commercial gym too requires a certain amount of minimum investment. Setting up a gym requires high-quality gym equipment to provide the best services. Further, we have elaborated process to estimate a gym setup cost in India.

Any person is willing to join gym checks the quality of the training as well as equipment. The infrastructure and quality of gym equipment increase the repute of the professional gym. Apart from expert trainers, it is important for any gym to own good gym equipment in India. Hence, it is significant to have a good source of premier quality exercise machines.

Requirements for Setting up a Professional Gym

The fitness industry is rapidly booming in urban regions where people have little time for a workout. Staring at a gym in a city like India is a profitable business. However, a good gym requires excellent quality of machines for exercising. In order to calculate the estimated cost of setting up a gym, one needs to know the requirements. Here are some of the basic requirements to start a gym.

  1. Space or premises
  2. Certified fitness trainers
  3. Necessary permits and licences
  4. Gym Equipment
  5. Gym accessories

Spacious premises and commercial gym equipment are basic for starting up a professional gym. Though the price of premises varies as per location, price of equipment can be easily assessed. Syndicate Gym supplies complete gym set up equipment. The high-quality sets of exercise machines for commercial gyms are available for speedy delivery.

Price of Complete Gym Setup and Equipment

Once you assess the cost of purchasing or getting rented premises, it is easier to know the cost of a gym setup. The price of gym equipment starts from few thousands to lakhs depending upon the type of machine.

Estimated cost of setting up gym ranges from Rs. 25 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs. In order to know the cost of workout machines, one needs to know the basic workout equipment required in a gym. Any professional gym requires certain basic exercise machines. Here are some of the basic requirements of machinery for a fitness centre or a gym.

  1. Multigym station
  2. Triceps Extensions
  3. Exercise bikes
  4. Treadmills
  5. Squat station
  6. Lat Pull Down
  7. Chest press
  8. Elliptical machine
  9. Complete gym setup

Syndicate Gym offers the best basic exercise and strength equipment for a new gym. Our experts offer consultancy to buy gym equipment in India.

We also offer imported workout machines for commercial fitness clubs and gyms. If you are planning to start a gym, call us to know the gym setup cost in India. We are supplying a full line of simple and complex fitness machines. Being one of the largest suppliers of workout machines, we are the right source to get requirements for a new gym. Call us to know more about the price of our exercise machines and complete gym setup.

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