With growing demands of good health and fitness, we, at Syndicate Gym Industries are coming up with innovations each day. At our own manufacturing unit at Syndicate Gym Industries, our prior concern is to meet the end to end requirements of the user with high quality components.

We only have professional engineers and technicians working for us who have extensive experience in designing and developing complex shaped Steel metal components such as gym equipment, gym fitness equipment, Arm Curl, Functional Trainer, Hammer Incline, Hammer Decline, and many other gym equipments as per specifications provided by the customer.

Syndicate Gym Industries are known as a one stop destination for all the Fitness Equipments in Bangalore. We are a well known Gym Equipment Manufacturers in Bangalore and are supplying the Best Gym Equipments in Bangalore.

Whether it is cardio or strength training machines, we offer the widest range of commercial gym products that use the latest innovation, design and technology. We have been known as one of the Best Gym Equipments Manufacturers in Bangalore as we also offer a wide range of home fitness equipment that are easy to use, durable and compact.

If you have any requirement of Gym Equipments in Bangalore, you can contact us anytime at: +91-9316970498 or +91-9803473908

Or you can mail us at:

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