Functional Trainers Suppliers in India

Syndicate Gym Manufacturers as a leading supplier of Functional Trainers in India, are coming up with a new range of Functional Trainers and many other gym equipments. These trainers will do a commendable job of enhancing fitness levels among users. Syndicate Gym Industries provide high class commercial fitness equipment that is designed for the heavy usage demands of gyms and fitness centres.

Whether the motion is for strength training, sport specific, or may be its a motion you perform at work or during leisure activities, our functional trainers allow you to train the way you move. You define the path of motion, strengthening every part of your body, improving your core, balance and coordination.

At Syndicate Gym Industries, our philosophy has always been about using the basics of bodyweight and freeform tools to perform resistance exercises. We stand behind the science that those who move more efficiently will develop truly useful strength. That is why we specialize in creating tools that progress functional fitness and support scalability for all levels.

The heavy duty versatile construction of our functional trainer tower has two large arms. The swivel movement of arms allows user to perform workout in various ranges. The innovative design offers user the wide range of exercises by using various attachments. We are one of the largest commercial fitness equipment suppliers, wholesalers and distributors in India.

Whether it is cardio or strength training machines, we offer the widest range of commercial gym products that use the latest innovation, design and technology. We are ably supported by our after-sales service that ensures you have no issues maintaining these machines. You can talk to our fitness experts to place your order.

We are always serving the market with our best gym equipments and are known as the best Functional Trainers Suppliers in India. You can contact us whenever you feel the need of Functional Trainer Machine for keeping yourself fit by exercising.

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