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functional-trainer-manufacturers-in-indiaFunctional Trainer Cable Cross-Over gives a variety of clients with reverse fitness needs. Our Functional Trainer Tool Adjustable pulley is most effective solution for virtually any facility. The heavy duty versatile construction of Syndicate Gym Manufacturers Functional Trainers’ has two large arms. The swivel amount of arms allows user to perform the workout in various ranges.

Functional Trainer Cable based training tool means the user determines the path of motion and not the machine having hundreds of motion and different exercise from upper to lower body. Key features of Functional Trainer are longer life, rust proof and hassle free performance.

Functional Trainers we manufacture are abrasion resistant and always, tested and tried. We always provide our gym equipments at the most affordable prices. Functional Trainer has become a new category in the fitness industry. Personal trainers and even home owners are exercising on these machines for a total body workout.

All the gym equipments we manufacture are always of high quality and always give the best comfort while exercising. For our thousands of customers, we are recognised as the best in manufacturing the Functional Trainers for them. Now, we hope to serve you even better. We carry a wide selection of top quality and reliable home or commercial functional trainers with features such as adjustable cable columns, exercise posters, pull-up bar option, graduated weight stacks for smaller weight increments, bar attachment accessories, weight shrouds for safety and many more. Now, we are the best Functional Trainer Manufacturers in India. 

Versatility is the key with the Syndicates’ Functional Trainer, offering numerous full body training options with incremental weight selections to accomodate all levels of user. Complete with independently moving arms so individual muscle groups can be isolated.

Functional trainer offers you complete freedom of movement in any direction, while performing weight resistance exercises. Syndicate Gym Manufacturers’ Functional Trainer is hugely in demand and admired among the masses. We manufacture the best functional Trainer Machine in India. Swivelling accessory station accommodates more training handles and attachments. Multi-grip position pull-up handles with unique rock climbing attachment.

This machine is extensively used in various celebrated government institutes, corporate houses, gyms, sports, clubs, and many more. If you are in search of a functional trainer or any other gym equipments in India, then, Syndicate Gym Manufacturers is the best for you. The innovative designs offer the user a wide range of exercises by using various attachment.

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