Fly Plate Loaded Bench Manufacturer in India

At Syndicate Gym Industries, The Fly Plate Loaded Bench in India has the Cross Pivot Technology, which creates a slight converging path to stimulate free-weight dumbbell-barbell press. The Inclined Frame design provides an angle to work the front deltoids and upper pectorals.

Features of the Fly Plate Loaded at Syndicate Gym Industries include

  • Keeps tension on chest even at the top of movement
  • Arms automatically adjusts to suit your size
  • Most efficient way to perform flyes
  • Multiple handles to target specific muscles
  • Full commercial equipment & powder coat finish

The Syndicate Gym Industries’ Fly Plate Loaded Bench is a great machine to use either after bench pressing to totally hit all your chest muscle fibres or before bench pressing as a great way to ‘pre-exhaust’ the chest muscles so they become the weak link rather than your triceps.

This Fly Plate Loaded Bench is specially designed in our manufacturing unit to keep the load on your chest and not on your triceps. It is a heavy duty and compact machine that every serious gym should own. We are known as the Best Fly Plate Loaded Bench Manufacturer in India at present.

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