Cross Fit Equipment Suppliers in India

Syndicate Gym Industries carries equipment for Cross-Fit and Weight Lifting to outfit your home gym or commercial training. We specialize in manufacturing equipment that offers high quality at an incredible value. Whether you want an equipment package for Cross-Fit, a bar and plate package, or you want to outfit your affiliate, we have multiple options to suit your needs.

Each of the products carried by Syndicate Gym Industries is thoroughly tested and designed to meet the needs of athletes that use their equipment on a daily basis. Our bumper plates are some of the most durable on the market, while our kettlebells offer an incredible value.

All of our Olympic Bars are capable of handling the heaviest loads without becoming bent, and our steel equipment is all made to offer great value without sacrificing the strength of the steel used, which makes them safe and useful for home and commercial use. We, as the Best Crossfit Suppliers in India, are ever ready to deliver quality fitness equipments to each of our clients in different parts of the country.

You will always get high quality equipment at great prices. Are you looking to buy or sell high quality exercise equipment? Then, we can help…as we manufacture, supply, trade and consign quality exercise equipments! We serve individuals, corporate, hospitals and rehab, police and fire, hotels and apartments, recreational centres and schools.

Just contact Syndicate Gym Industries, if you are searching for Best Crossfit Equipment Suppliers in India. For any kind of Gym Equipments in India, call us at: +91-9316970498 or +91-9803473908

Or you can mail us at:


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