Cross Fit Suppliers in India

Syndicate Gym Industries are India’s fastest growing Functional Fitness & Calisthenics equipment supplier. We specialise in the manufacture and supply of Equipment for Calisthenics, Street workout, Cross-Fit, and all genres of Strength Training and Functional Fitness.

Syndicate Gym Industries has been founded on a love for fitness and in particular function fitness. All the products we design always go through vigorous test and quality control to ensure that you receive the best functional equipment on the market. Since our inception, we are committed not only in creating the very best quality products at an attainable price but also to innovation and introduction to completely new products to the fitness industry.

Manufacturers as well as Suppliers of Cross-Fit Equipments in India, Syndicate Gym Industries has completed many projects successfully for installing Cross-Fit for you. As the best Cross-Fit Suppliers in India, we are leading the gym industry and have also become famous as the Best Cross-Fit Manufacturers in India.

As Cross-Fits are built to deliver impressive performance, these are the best pick for you to do all the exercises and gym trainings, just at one place. We are not only leading the market in Cross-Fit Equipments, but also, in all the other gym equipments, whether it be dumbbells, weight plates, crossovers, legpress or treadmills. At the whole, we are the best gym equipments manufacturers and suppliers of gym equipments in India.

So, you can contact us for the supply of any kind of gym equipments in India. Call us at:

+91-9316970498 or +91-9803473908

Or you can mail us at:


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