Crazy Massager 3006 provides the perfect solution to expensive and difficult to install vibration machine as this Crazy Massager 3006 with maximum power of 2.0 HP. Also, this Crazy Massager 3006 comes with 3-inbuilt workout programs. Some of the features of the Crazy Massager 3002 at Syndicate Gym Industries include

  • Dual steel frame painted with fashionable colour
  • Wide range speed accommodate different workouts
  • Extra-large console with 3-LED display, which delivers feedback of time, speed and body fat value.
  • Can be used in sitting & standing positions.
  • Speed range of 20/50 levels.

If you are in need of the Crazy Massager in India, Syndicate Gym industries are the Best Crazy Massager 3006 Manufacturer in India. Further innovations in the product line have included improvements in the pivoting mechanisms and motor efficiency.

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