The Commercial Treadmill A 500i is a motorized treadmill for in-home use. It features the Space saver design, iFit technology and a selection of preset workout programs. At Syndicate Gym Industries, the Treadmill A500i is a commercial treadmill with comfortable contact surfaces, great new materials that are innovative and pleasant to touch, this is also a very quite treadmill, providing a cushioned surface that, the absorbation deck system makes the running soft.

The features of this Commercial Treadmill A500i at Syndicate Gym Industries, include

  • Running surface of 23*67
  • LED Display
  • 0-20% Elevation
  • 1 to 20 kmph
  • 4 Hp Ac Continuous/8 Hp peak
  • Great, noiceless AC motor

The wide running surface and the quite operation of the Commercial Treadmill 500i, gives the user confidence on the machine. At Syndicate Gym Industries, Best 500i Commercial Treadmill Manufacturer in India, we can tell you that this treadmill is one of the most desired from gym owners, very high quality materials are used inside.

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