Best Gym Equipments Manufacturer in India

We, at Syndicate Gym Industries, specialize in the production of commercial grade Fitness Equipments in India as well as Imported Gym Equipments in India. At the Best Gym Equipments Manufacturer in India, Syndicate Gym Industries, we have a vast experience of dealing with the exercise machines and manufacturing them with highest grade quality products.

All our products, i.e., the gym machines or equipments have a longer life and maintenance support. As a dominant supplier of Gym Equipments all over India, we know that facility is more important than what kind of machines you offer. It’s really about the experience one provides. That’s why we are fully committed to working with our customers in order to help them offer their clientele a truly rewarding fitness environment.

Providing high quality products, satisfactory services and competitive prices are our main purposes. For all our gym equipments, we also provide complete installation. A wide range of gym equipments at Syndicate Gym Industries include Health Club Equipments, Commercial Treadmills, Fitness Equipments and Domestic/Home Gym Equipments.

We can provide you any kind of Gym Equipments in India whenever you need. Call us at: 91-9316970498 or +91-9803473908

Or you can mail us at:


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