Best Gym Equipment Brands in India

Best Gym Equipment Brands in India

People in India are currently conscious of fitness like never before. The number of gyms and fitness centres has shown significant upsurge. In return for the huge demand for gyms, numerous gym equipment brands are popular in India. This post lists some of the best gym equipment brands in India.

If you are planning to buy fitness equipment, this post will help you a lot. When it comes to significant investment, brand name matters a lot. A good brand offers excellent quality and high durability. Buying gym equipment from low quality shops can make your investment go for waste. Check the top gym equipment brands in India.

Top Fitness Equipment Companies in India

Here are the top companies supplying the best quality fitness equipment in India. The companies are established manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality products and gym accessories.

  1. Fitness World

Fitness is one of the largest and most recognised manufacturers of gym equipment. They produce the finest quality exercise machines for schools, sports clubs, MNC companies, corporate gyms, and professional gyms.

  1. Sunsai Sports and Fitness

Sunsai is a market leader of fitness equipment. The company with presence in Mumbai, Pune, and another place of Maharashtra produces a full range of quality equipment for exercise. The company is supplying gym products all over India.

  1. Syndicate Gym

Syndicate Gym is a big manufacturer and supplies of gym equipment having a strong presence in North India. Based in Jalandhar, the company supplies high quality and reasonably priced products for homes and commercial gyms.

  1. Precor

Precor is one of the world‛s largest manufacturers of workout and strength equipment. The company has a strong market in a huge number of countries all across the world. It offers the best quality durable gym tools and sports equipment.

  1. Steelflex

Steelflex excels, in supplying best cardio exercise gym equipment. It also offers exercise tools for sports people. They have a large number of retail stores for nationwide distribution in India.

  1. Life Fitness

Life Fitness is almost 50 years old company offer quality fitness and exercise machines. It is one of the best brands for home gym products and commercial gym setup equipment.

  1. Paramount

Paramount manufactures products like treadmill and other indoor exercise equipment. It is a reputed name in the domain of fitness in many countries in the world. It is one of the most recognized brands in India.

  1. True Fitness Equipment

Started in 1981, True Fitness Equipment is supplying workout facilities and exercise machines True is a trusted name in India for buying home gym products as well as professional gym equipment.

  1. Star Trac

Star Trac is a well-known brand in India for gym products. The company has numerous dealers in the country for a wide variety of equipment like treadmills, exercise bike, elliptical, and other products.

  1. Body Solid

Body Solid is a leading supplier and manufacturer of gym equipment. It is a renowned brand in India and other countries. The products of Body Solid cover a wide range of cardio exercise and gym equipment.

We are sure the list of best gym equipment brands in India will help you to buy your best product for workout.

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