Multi Gym Syndicates

Multi Gym Syndicate

  1. FRAMES : Frames are made up oh high tensile strength 14” gauge pipes of 2”X2” and 4”x2” rectangular section

Of ISI marked.

  1. SHAFTS: Guide shaft are solid of dia .18mm make and duly nickel chromed for long life.
  2. WEIGHT : Wt plates for selectorized machines are made up of Mild steel and having PVC cover on it to give

Imported look to machine with self lubrication.

  1. CABELS: 6MM thick hoist grade coated cables for trouble free use .
  2. PULLEYS: High grade casting Iron pulley 4” round with Double ball sealed bearing maintenance free with chromed.
  3. WELDMENTS: The machine frames are MIG(metal inert gas) welded which ensures good aesthetics and the welding that lasts a lifetime of the machine .
  4. SEAT AND UPHOLDTERY: All seats having spring loaded adjustments to accommodate users of all sizes and the seat have 2”thick high graded tear resistant Sanghi leather top which can wet-cleaned.
  5. CAMS: Cams for exercise pivot movements for easy start up and taxing the muscles at the end of the movements.
  6. DESIGNS: High tech computer aided designing ensures that the machines have space saving designs comparable to any international brands .ours continuous parternership with the sportsmen and experts ensures that the designs are biomechanically
  7. USAGE SHROUD: Machine name and muscle usage charts with graphics are standard on all machines.
  8. LINER MOTION: Machine mentioned with linear bearing based motions incorporate high quality imported shafts of hardness and high quality commercial rated linear bearings.

12 WARRANTY: One year warranty against any manufacturing defect.


Four station multigym(2x 2 square pipe )

Syndicate Four station multigym

  • Hi-lat pulley
  • peckdeck or butterfly
  • legcurl and leg extention
  • abdominal


Syndicate Six station multigym(2×2)

Specifications :

  1. hi-lat pulley
  2. peckdeck or butterfly
  3. legcurl and leg extention
  4. abdominal
  5. armcurl
  6. dipping and hipflexor


Syndicate Eight station multigym(2×2 square pipe )

Specifications :

1.Hi-lat pulley   100 kg

2.Ground pulley   80 kg

3.Peckdeck or butterfly  80 kg

4.Leg curl and Leg extention   60 kg

5. Arm curl 60 kg



8.Hip flexor


Eight station  machine(4×2 square pipe )    Deluxe model

Specifications :

Hi lat pull down  80 kg

Bench press 100 kg

Leg press 120 kg

Peckdeck 80 kg




Four station machine(4×2 square pipe ) Deluxe model

Specifications :

Bench press 100 kg

Hi lats           80 kg

Peckdeck       80 kg



4 station gym  2X2 pipe ordinary model


6 station multigym (ordinary model )


10 station multigym(Ordinary model)


16 station multigym (ordinary model)


Eight Stack Jungle Gym Multi Gym

Eight weight stacks and eight training stations make this an excellent centerpiece for any training facility.

Cable Crossover – Two 180kg

Two Lat Pulldowns – 200kg. weight stacks

Two Seated Rows – 180kg. weight stacks

Two Tricep Stations – 180kg weight stacks

Chin Up Bar – Free weight


Jungle Gym with four station weight stack gym

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